Precious warriors of Hazar.

We are announcing ''Winter Season Update''

We had various changes and added new tastes which are improving your game experience.

Let us examine together;

#New Weapon Effects!

We would like to add much more different colours to your unique game experience! You will get a stylish look with these 6 different special effects, these weapon effects will not effect your damage or you will not get any buff. You can get it on ''F10 Item Mall'' and also you can get ''Remove Scroll'' which is scroll for removing these effects on ''Item Mall''.

# New Uniques

We added four different uniques to Hazar adventure. Spawn points of Khulood, Karkadann, Dark Warrior and Light Warrior have been shown below!

In the other hand we added special rewards on them. Those uniques can might drop Crystal Elixir and in the same time also precious ''Silk Items'' can might drop on them.

These uniques will spawn at those spawn point which are shown below.

# Wanted System Renewed!

We would like to bring ''Trade'' to the fore. While you are wearing job suit you will earn 1 point when you kill a player and when you die you will lost 2 points. That point will collect for a week and then top 5 player on ''Job Rank'' will rewarded with buff according to the order of ''Job Rank''.

You have to active all Graphic Effects to see unproblematically Hero mode effects.
For this; Esc > Option > Video > Graphic > Effect Quality > See All Effects You can follow this order to active graphic effects.

# Survival Arena Coming!

Be prepared! Survival Arena event is added to Hazar! Event will be in Collesium Arena area. The player who has most killed score will won.

# New pets!

We added 2 grab and 7 growth pets.

# Special Dresses Are Coming!

New clothes are always good for the soul!

# New Event H A Z A R !

You have to collect letters of our server Hazar to get unique awards.

# Revision of Uniques!

Cave unique's health points are increased to improve game competitive.

Uniques are out of Cave will not drop Crystal Elixer anymore. Cave Uniques and new added uniques will drop Crystal Elixer.
All uniques will drop Silk Items.

Isyutaru's health point decreased and it is more closer to original now.

# Revision of Crystal Elixir's Image

Our another visual revision is Crystal Elixir's image.

# Arena and CTF Times!

You can check Arena Manager for arena dates, Event So-Ok for Capture The Flag dates.

# Force & Warlock Balance

Force and Warlock skills have been balanced to accord to the game.

# Pill Bug Removed!

Pill bug has been removed from game.

# Rescue Skills Colldowns are Changed

Reverse Immolation ve Reverse Oblation skills cooldowns decreased to 30 seconds. Rescue mode will effect less!

# New Titles Added

We added new titles to game! Titles are able to buy at JoySro Title Market which is in Samarkand.

# Stack Changes

Good news for Legolas! Arrow-Bolt Stacks are increased to 10.000

# Dress List Updated

New dresses added to game, you can reach them on Item Mall.

# Exp Rate Changes

We improved exp rates, especially between 120-125 will not be nightmare anymore.

# Union Chat Limit Changes!

We removed union chat limit on game, everyone can use union chat.

# Devil & Angel Spirit Revision

Blues which are can obtainable after +3 and +6 on Devil Spirit will be also obtainable for Angel Spirit.

After +3 ;

Blocking Rate +1
Ignore Monster Defance +2

+6 ;

Blocking Rate +2
Ignore Monster Defance +2

Features added to Devil and Angel.

See you on the adventure!

Thanks to @Zeytinyagli for translation.