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Grand Opening:
Opening date: 22.07.2017
Opening time: 19.00[UTC+3]

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JoySro Introduction:
Since 2012, we continue to offer uninterrupted service to you precious players. We now have 3 different servers in our platform which they are Tibet(80-Cap), Iris(110-Cap) and Hazar(120-Cap). In the lights of this topic, I am going to introduce the Saltuk(110-Cap).

JoySro Purpose:
Our purpose is that, provide you a game with 0 lag and delay and with a great stability. We are offering you to 7/24 support from our all official sites. In this new server, no one going to be faced with any issues that caused by the server and we are giving you to promise of that. Now we upgraded our servers to the maximum performance and the stability. Our purpose is in short, offer you to a great gameplay experience without any issues and of course make sure that you remember the old good days by us.

About Saltuk:
We as a JoySro, offering you to an uninterrupted service since 2011. Also, we want you to welcome in our new and 4th server, Saltuk. Our server is going to be based on a labor system, which mean the more you try the stronger you get in the game. To not to lead any confusion about server we would like to be clear about the system. We as JoySro, instead of offering you to fugacious and contain so much unnecessary edits, we offer you to a long term server that goes for years and new-gen 110 cap server without too much edit so in-short, Saltuk is going to be old-school 110 cap server.

Basic Information:
To give you the pleasure for enjoying your time, we've chosen the best cap which have more fun. Also, we've did some changes in our gameplay like disabling some features that we don't need it in the gameplay that we need to offer!

Starter Package:
We present you that starter package for starting your adventure easily

  • Return Scroll 20x
  • Damage and Defence Scroll 5x
  • White Elephant 5x
  • HP Potion 1000x
  • MP Potion 1000x
  • 50% Speed increase 5x
  • %100 Exp Ticket 1 day 1x
  • Reverse Return Scroll 10x
  • 10.000 Skill Point
  • 100.000 Gold

Oldschool Capes:
Since most of us define ourselves as a silkroad enthusiasts, we wanted protect those good memories when. For this, Old-Cape system has been integrated to the game.
Besides the new adventure that comes along with the new silkroad gen, we wanted to protect some old habits. Instead of buying the cape and lost some space in the inventory, ou can now easily choose it from menu and equip it.

Togui Map:
Special map that allows you to trade inside in a different world. We did this system to prevent some cheats. As some of you may know, there are special bots that is trading automatically and this affects the gold rate in server. To avoid that we considered to make this system and event more since the routes are finite, trading will be much more important and hard. There will be npc's to sell the good for both thieves and the traders. Since thieves can be camp at the trader selling point and kill the traders while they are selling their good, we set that area as a safe zone. So traders can’t be attacked by thieves while they are selling their goods.
Note: Trader Icon indicates where traders is going to sell their goods and thief icon indicates where thieves.

Fortress War Hammer:
It can be used for attacking doors in the fortress war with high damage. You can get it from guild manager that located in donwhang for a good amount of money.

Devil Alchemy:
You can enhance your both Devil spirit and Angel spirit with Sabakun's Jewel. You can get the jewel from item mall.

Stacks set as shown in the figure.

Npc Items:
Until 8th degree you can buy sun+6 items for both EU&CH from npc. Those item's values is set to be 1 gold while selling and buying. For 9th degree items you can only buy moon+0.

Guild & Union Limit:
In order to make fortress wars more challenging and fun, we decided to make Guild Limit: 32 and Union Limit: 3 . Most of the time one strongest guild takes over the castle and never gives it back so with these properties it will be much harder to keep up in war. But luckily there is a hammer exists!

Trade Pet Stack:
Selling and Buying the trade goods sometimes can be frustrating in 110 cap server since slots are too much. So we decided to make trade pet slot 10 and stack for each slot 550. With this way you are not going to be faced against lag spikes during selling and buying the items.

Saltuk Coin:
110-Cap server is mostly based on a Egypt set and we thought that it shouldn’t be so easy to get them since they make you one of the strongest player in the game. So both immortality and destruction Egypt item parts requires Saltuk coin. You can get the coins from Capture The Flag event and from the regular Uniques. For Capture The Flag you need to collect 10 ice-trophy and once you collect them you need go so-ok and she will reward you with 1 Saltuk coin. Another way to collect Saltuk coin kill the regular uniques and each unique contains 1-2 Saltuk coin.

Old Job Suits:
We add the special job suits for both Chinese and the European races. They can be bought from the Ali-Baba Npc which is located at hotan. Each suit is costs 5 Saltuk coin.

Useful Scrolls:

  • Silk Scroll: To make your in-game trader more safe we made the silk scrolls. You can buy them from item-mall in your trades.

  • Stats & Skill Restore: You can get the scrolls from item-mall and you can use them only with right-clicking on it. Once you click, relogin to the game and it’s all done.

  • Job & Guild Restore: You get these items from Ali-Baba npc with a cost of 5 Saltuk coin.

Sereness Drop:
Sereness which she is located at the Forgetten World, she is not carrying Fight-A grade Egypt weapons. So Fight items closed to the drop.

There will be weekly and monthly events in the server.

  • Alchemy Event : This event is going to be held 2 times in a month.
  • Unique Event : This event is going to be held 2 times in a month.
  • Alchemy Event : This event is going to be held 2 times in a month.
  • Lost GM Event : This event is going to be held 2 times in a month.