Our precious JoySro players,

Introducing themselves by using the name JoySro impertinently and without any commercial relationship with us using various sites and platforms, a public announcement was needed to inform you about the people and groups that sent messages to you such as ''You won silk'' or ''You won an reward''.

We strongly recommend that you do not sign up for those platforms and do not provide your passwords all legal initiatives on these platforms for fraud by imitating the name of our registered trademark JoySro has been started and we would like to inform you that the publication will be terminated in a short time.

We do not have any sites except JoySro.com, JoyGaming.com and forum.joysro.com, we want to remind that other extensions are used by others for the purposes set out above.

We want our players to be more careful against this kind of scammers and reach you with PM. Please do not believe to the messages that introduce themselves as JoySro Staff and we needed a public statement to inform you about the people and groups that have sent you messages as if you won an award.

JoySro Team