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Konu: JoySro - Likya - 110 Cap - EU / CH - Introducing Our New Adventure

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    JoySro - Likya - 110 Cap - EU / CH - Introducing Our New Adventure

    # We recommend watching our video in 4K format and full screen mode.


    Hello to the brave comrades of Silk Road, which has shaped world history!

    Welcome to the introduction of a new adventure which is prepared by JoySro, one of Turkey's and Europe's most innovative and active private silkroad server developer and publisher.

    We invite you to Likya's story which is created by JoySro Developers and Publishers, the longest-lasting private silkroad server creators in Turkey.

    Likya waits for you with its own long-lasting story and in its own world that extends from China's endless, dangerous and primitive grounds to Europe's mythological stories.

    For those who do not know us;

    Who Are We?


    JoySro is a private silkroad server developer and publisher which has been welcoming you, online players, and which has stayed as Europe's and Turkey's most innovative and successful since 2011. As JoySro, we hosted many servers which are played by global players who enjoyed its servers all around the world with 9 years of experience in private silkroad server creating, publishing and developing. JoySro proved itself with the server "Hazar" which has been the one and only private silkroad server that has still been open for 8 years and thanks to the support of our precious players, JoySro became successful and famous.

    We continue to our path by getting stronger and better with the comments and guidance of our precious players in every story of ours since we started this path since 2011.

    With our player-based management understanding, we evaluated all the constructive criticisms and feedbacks from our precious players and we learnt some lessons from our past experiences and now we are happy to be before you with a new server that will appeal to you more. We are sure that we will do successful works with our effort to keep your satisfaction at maximum level with the knowledge and experience we have gained with the goal of absolute player satisfaction after each server. We invite you to our new, long-lasting, problem-free and exciting story Likya, which we created with our knowledge and experience.

    Likya which is prepared by JoySro and which is going to begin by rocking 2020 is built with 110 Cap game layout. With 110 Cap, which is one of the most adventurous caps in terms of game story, you will experience the excitement of the game in a very pleasant way. Due to the fact that it has many autonomous activities and game dynamics, Likya's cap has been determined as 110 Cap.

    With the innovations made in the game story, Likya will be the most innovative server prepared by JoySro and a very enjoyable game experience will be waiting for you.

    If you want to take your place in the most dynamic story of the war between China and Europe which has been going on throughout history, be ready! The story of Likya begins..

    Let us have a look at the details of Likya Story together without taking more time of yours..

    Likya story was built in the form of the main patterns mentioned in the picture above. While the main dynamics of the server are carefully prepared for you, the features of the server are determined to host a long-lasting adventure.

    With 110 Cap layout, the story begins with the equal power of China and Europe.

    Starting Items;
    We want you to have a better start in Likya adventure. The adventure can be a bit challenging, but with the starting items, we want to comfort you to some extent, and that is why we give you some gifts at the beginning of the game.

    The starting items in the image above will be given only to the first character opened in an account, the starting item and the Skill Point given at the beginning will not be given to the second character in an account. Please keep it in mind that since SP will not be given to the 2nd character you will open in the same account, we strongly warn you to create the 2nd character by paying attention to this issue.

    At the same time, the items given at the beginning are character-bound and are arranged as non-tradable and non-transferable to another character.

    It's time to be privileged! Introducing Likya Premium Plus!
    The Premium membership system, which has become an indispensable feature of all online games, is also in Likya. With Premium Plus, which is specially prepared for you to gain privileged advantages, you can gain additional defense and attack power, starting from especially +10 STR and +10 INT, which are strategically important.

    At the same time, when the game is full, our players with Premium Gold Time Plus can login to the game quickly without any traffic problems. You can also use premium gold time plus through our site, even if your character is not online in the game.

    In addition, even if you do not have any characters and if you have 300 Silk or above, you can log in if the game is full at the first login.

    Starter Package for an easy and fast start!

    The faster you start the adventure, the more you can make a difference to your opponents. In order to prevent unnecessary time loss and additional costs for a quick start, we have prepared a nice starter package for you. Special items gathered together with the Starter Package are waiting for you. Moreover, these items are included in this package much cheaper than they are purchased one by one.

    With 3 Starter Packages, our players will be able to choose to purchase a Starter Package with Devil's, Angel's or Asura's spirit depending on which they wish.

    All you have to do is to give the starter package you received into your inventory to JoySro Exchanger NPC. The NPC will automatically receive the starter package from you and deliver all the items on the list in return.

    A new Spirit that will strengthen your power! There it is! Asura's Spirit!

    You will be able to have a visual feast with a new devil mode Asura's Spirit in Likya, where we will emphasize its innovative face in every area. Asura's spirit, which has the same features as Devil's and Angel's in terms of functionality, is an innovation with its visual difference. You will see that you will have a great visual feast with this item you can buy from item mall.

    March for Likya Adventure! Beginner Quests with Seal of Moon Set rewards

    We want you to have a pleasant start in Likya. We have prepared special quests for you to make the story a little better at the beginning of the game. You can earn the Moon Set Box, which includes a full set of Seal of Moon at the appropriate level for the quest level, with these special quests that you will perform every 10 levels until 8DG.

    When you right-click the earned Moon Set Boxes, you will be teleported automatically and Moon items you earn will be added to your Storage. If you do not have 10 spaces in your storage, you can get disconnected from the game. That is why, you must check your storage before using Moon Box Set item you earn.

    You can equip Seal of Moon items and accessories with the quests you can get by talking to JoySro Quest Manager located in the town center of Jangan and Constantinople.
    Quest Levels and Names

    Level 1 or above "The Beginning of Likya Adventure - Noobs' Party" By completing the quest you can earn the Box containing 1 DG Seal of Moon set.

    Level 10 or above "Register for Jangan/Constantinople Hunters' Club - Rookies Run Fast" By completing the quest you can earn the Box containing 2 DG Seal of Moon set.

    Level 20 or above "Migrating to New Lands - The Scarecrow of Dry Soil" By completing the quest you can earn the Box containing 3 DG Seal of Moon set.

    Level 30 or above "Wait for Me Hotan! - I Am Not A Rookie!" By completing the quest you can earn the Box containing 4 DG Seal of Moon set.

    Level 40 or above "The Beginning of the Real World - The Path of the Adventure" By completing the quest you can earn the Box containing 5 DG Seal of Moon set.

    Level 50 or above "Creepy Scream of Cold Weather - The Symphony of Loneliness" By completing the quest you can earn the Box containing 6 DG Seal of Moon set.

    Level 60 or above "Mysterious Heart of the Desert - The Hero of Likya Story" By completing the quest you can earn the Box containing 7 DG Seal of Moon set.

    Level 70 or above "The End of the Quest - The Brave Knight of Likya" By completing the quest you can earn the Box containing 8 DG Seal of Moon set.

    All of the quests above are connected to each other and the next one cannot be taken before the previous one is over.

    Silkroad means mystery! It means adventure! It means unique monsters!

    The excitement will never stop in the unique arenas of Shambhala - Shadow Temple and Shambhala - Fire Temple, which will be opened for the first time in JoySro history with Likya adventure.

    Like Medusa in terms of its story, Shambhala Temples, which are based on timing, will also find their owners of special items from spawned special uniques.

    In Shambhala - Shadow Temple, Dark Warrior continues to rule with all his splendor, while in Shambhala - Fire Temple, Light Warrior is born out of fire and vomits hatred and revenge.

    At the beginning of the game, these temples will remain closed until a future update, as our players should focus on reaching the maximum level. Be ready when the doors are opened!

    New maps for the brave warriors taking their first steps to Silk Road!

    Maps for Chinese characters only are created to give Chinese characters the value we had longed for, to allow character configurations in equal conditions, and to help our Chinese race players have a more enjoyable game adventure.

    Echo Valley and Salt Desert maps are copied exclusively for our Chinese race players.

    Only CH Solo

    In this map where only Chinese characters can enter, whether you enter with a party or solo, party creatures will not be spawned in any way.

    Only CH Party

    Only Chinese characters can enter this map whether they wish to enter with a party or to solo and party creatures will be spawned in this map.

    Return to the beginning of the journey! Chinese character configuration enhancement

    Undoubtedly, the Chinese characters, which all game lovers played with great enthusiasm in the old periods of the game, lost their power as time passed, and unfortunately they were not at a sufficient power level against European characters. We know that many of our players love to play Chinese characters, and in this context, upgrades have been made to the Chinese characters' skill powers to bring the Chinese race to the level of power it deserves.

    As it is seen in the picture above, dozens of Chinese characters' skills have been strengthened. In this way, the Chinese - European wars in Likya will be very exciting. So, who says "I am in the adventure from Jangan!" on the grand opening day?

    Special boxes are the symbol of success in Likya!

    In Likya adventure, we have created 3 different levels of special prize boxes that you can drop from events and special modes. Many special items are waiting for you in Gold, Platinum and Diamond Boxes according to their own levels. By talking to JoySro Exchanger NPC, you can exchange these boxes and get rewards if you are lucky.

    Who wants a box?

    Are you a lucky person? Or nothing again? There it is! JoySro Lucky Box!

    Another special item you can get by killing uniques in Likya is Lucky Box! You can get various items from JoySro Exchanger depending on your luck by exchanging this unique box which you can earn by killing uniques.

    Lucky boxes wait for you inside the soul of the uniques below

    • Tiger Girl
    • Cerberus
    • Captain Ivy
    • Uruchi
    • Isyutaru
    • Lord Yarkan
    • Demon Shaitan

    The most reliable exchanger! JoySro Exchanger!

    By talking to JoySro Exchanger NPCs located in towns of Hotan, Jangan, Donwhang and Constantinople, you can exchange some of the items you have bought from Item Mall, your awards or boxes from various events and uniques, and get the corresponding items in return. You can use JoySro Exchanger NPC to exchange items that you will earn from JoySro Events or especially Starter Package (From Item Mall) or Astral and Immortal Boxes.

    Element System for Labor and Success

    Element System, which is the most demanding server configurations, is on our server!
    An alternative commercial market will be created with element, tablet and stone system. Now it is time to see real alchemy masters!

    Silk Scroll for a reliable trade!

    In order to save time in your in-game purchases and Silk transfer between your characters, we prepared different amounts of Silk Scrolls.
    You can obtain Silk Scrolls from Item Mall (F10) and collect them as you wish or use them as silk.

    Gold Bar for easier trading!

    We know that trade is very important in Likya. For this reason we have integrated Gold Bar system into Likya to make the trade more practical and more secure.
    Gold Bars were added to Grocery Shops to allow safe shopping. You can stack gold bars,
    but when selling you must divide them into pieces and sell them one by one to get exact value of gold bars..

    New Elixirs with a renewed look and Stackable items!

    Some new visual changes were made in Likya adventure. By changing the appearance of Elixirs, we have colored in a way that you may be interested. Good luck with them!

    We want to make our players an enjoyable gaming experience by keeping them away from spending unnecessary time. In this context, the stacks of many items have been increased.

    Classic is always more beautiful! It is time to go back to Old Cape System!

    In Likya, we integrate Old Cape System into Likya to take you back to the old times you missed. Battle and PvP enjoyment will be even more enjoyable now. It is time for PvP in Likya!

    Do you need luck, then you will need it; Alchemy Booster!

    In Likya adventure, we want to increase the excitement in alchemy a little more therefore we integrated Alchemy Boosters into the game!

    Alchemy excitement will be quite enjoyable with this item, which increases the success rate by 2%, 3% or 4% for 30 minutes when used.
    You can get it from various events and quests.

    Are you ready to write an epic? Fortress Wars in Likya!

    In our Likya Server; 3 Castles are active, Hotan, Jangan and Bandit.

    We aim to make our Likya server a long-term server and because we want to maintain the balance of income of our players by keeping in-game trading constantly in balance;
    We fixed the revenues of the fortress war taxes with a fixed taxation system in order to prevent possible inflation and devaluation.
    First fortress war date will be announced after the server is opened to create a more exciting and competitive environment.

    We have added 6 special glow effects to the item mall, which will allow you to make only a visual change in your weapon and get a very stylish look. These glows will not provide any damage advantage and will only help change the image and effect.
    Remove Scroll has been added to Item Mall, which will allow you to delete or change glow effect already used on your item.

    Mysterious cards from Forgotten World to Likya adventure

    Forgotten World, which is the most challenging and demanding event among the events in Likya adventure, is waiting for you.
    You can obtain Talismans by killing Mysterious Uniques in Forgotten World or by finding hidden treasure chests, as soon as you accumulate all the talismans for desired book depending on your level, exchange them with Powerful Weapons.

    Collection Talisman Names for 11DG: Broken Key, Large Tong, Phantom Harp, Evil's Heart, Vindictive Spirit's Bead, Hook Hand, Commander's Patch, Sereness's Tears

    Goodbye to trouble-maker Envy!

    Dimension Pillars have been removed from Likya and dimension holes have been added to JoySro Special Shop. No more envy!

    Likya's livelihood, Trade System!

    In Likya, we always want ''Trade'' to be one of the most important building blocks of game dynamically.
    You can earn income with Trade, which is an important source of income and improve your character with this income.

    The gold you can earn with Trade you will make in Likya is stated in the table above. To make trade system more exciting, only trade can be made between cities of Jangan and Donwhang.

    The tension and excitement will never end between the towns of Jangan and Donwhang with this new system that will provide a faster way of income opportunity for the traders and more exciting way of stealing goods for thieves.

    Wanted System is in Likya!

    The trade system in Likya is always aimed to be at the forefront. In this context; which will make the trade more enjoyable and reinforce the professional habit.
    Wanted system was integrated into Likya. You will earn 1 point for each player you wear and kill your professional clothes, and 2 points will be deleted if you die.
    Buff will be given to the players in the top 5 as a result of the Job Rank ranking that will be created with the accumulation of these points for a week.

    In order for the Hero mode effects to appear, you need to activate all the effects in the Graphics settings.
    What you need to do for this; Esc> Option> Video> Graphic> Effect Quality> See All Effects

    Battle scene of the dark realm, Job Temple!

    In Likya, we added various competitive factors in every area of the game.

    You can get Gold and Silver coins from Job Temple in Alexandria.

    With Job Cave system, you can get Silver and Gold Coins by killing uniques such as Haroeris, Anubis, Seth, Neith, Selket, Isis. You can also buy 11DG Immortality or Destruction items with these coins.

    Temple will play an important role in your character configuration in Likya adventure. Coins will be an important commercial function and character structuring factor in Likya. In the table below, how many coins will drop from uniques is specified.

    For brave hunters of Likya. Have you ever tried to look into her eyes?

    Likya adventure will be quite exciting. One of these excitements will be Medusa excitement. Some special awards have been added to increase Medusa's excitement and competition in Likya.

    Medusa to her brave hunter who will kill her;

    • Diamond Box - 2 Pieces
    • Platinum Box - 3 Pieces
    • Gold Box - 3 Pieces

    It will deliver these valuable special items to her hunter.

    There are so many reasons to survive! Survival Arena in Likya!

    You will experience the excitement with this event, which is completely unique to JoySro. Once the event has started, you have one goal, to survive.
    Valuable rewards await you in this event, where the last survivor player will win the event.

    Time to war! Battle Arena

    Battle Arena is a team battle system consisting of various modes that players can easily participate in. It is a small and medium-sized PvP system that allows 8 to 8 and 32 to 32 battles.
    Players are given skill experience points and arena coins as a reward;

    Battle Arena;
    - Random Arena
    - Party Arena
    - Guild Arena
    - Job Arena
    You can login in various categories such as.

    Entries to the Battle Arena will open after the server is opened and after the majority has reached the maximum level.
    In other words, contraction of coins at the server will be prevented by this way!

    A mysterious adventure! Holy Water Temple

    Holy Water Temple is an area where you can perform title quests and consists of 3 floors. Each floor is more difficult than the previous one.
    Uniques such as Horus, Sekhmet, Nephthys, Osiris, Sphinx are located in Holy Water Temple. Depending on chance, Silver Coin and Copper Coin drop from the uniques.
    In order to enter Holy Water Temple, you must be at the Party and the Party must not be spoiled as long as you are inside.
    The right to enter the Holy Water Temple is limited to 2 times a day.

    Likya for a fair game environment without problems and bugs!

    We aimed to provide a more fair game environment in Likya by fixing some bugs that are at the basis of the game. Due to these problems and bugs of the game, some players were using these to gain power and making use of these bugs. The game becomes an unfair game environment because of these problems and bugs. Since we do not want such problems in Likya adventure, we have provided you a more enjoyable game environment with the following fixes.

    We blocked opening a stall outside towns due to its abuse and due to the fact that some players out of the towns used skill bugs. To serve its purpose, the stalls will only be opened inside towns.

    With the abuse of Resurrection (Res) Skill during Capture The Flag, we have closed the use of all Res skills while in the Capture The Flag event to prevent some players from gaining an unfair profit in CTF.

    Another fix was made in Jobs (Trader - Hunter - Thief) to make it a more realistic, more enjoyable and fair game environment. In order to make trading and special bargain a more realistic, fairer and more enjoyable game mode, we closed the use of Reverse scroll while wearing a job suit. From now on, you will not be able to use reverse while wearing a job suit.

    Return Scroll cancelation is blocked after the use due to the failure of some skills by canceling it during the use. In this way, the use of unfair skill bugs is prevented.

    All the teleports, which cause unnecessary time loss, have been shortened. For example, you can teleport from Jangan to Hotan at once.

    In-server power balancing! For a long-lasting adventure!

    With the experience we gained from our previous servers, we came to the conclusion that some power balances should be done for a long-lasting adventure. In this context, in order to prevent the power difference between our players in Likya. Some game modes will be brought to the game in a controlled way in order to direct the entire game scenario to provide a fair game environment for our players. Let us look at the details together, shall we?

    We keep equality and justice as our main principles in Likya. For this reason, the coin drops in Job Cave were removed from the uniques until the announcement to be done later in order to prevent the difference between the rivals and the group of players who first enter Job Cave by quickly leveling up when the server was first opened. With an update to be made when the required majority reaches 105 level, the coin drops will be added back to the uniques in Job Cave.

    Since we aim to make Likya a long-lasting server, Forgotten World will be kept closed until the majority of the players in the game reach the maximum level. With the help of closing Forgotten World, the high level weapon multiplication will be prevented quickly in order to create a fair and equal game environment and to maintain the balance of power between players. When the required players reach the maximum level, Forgotten World will opened with an upcoming update and a new adventure will begin.

    Another server configuration is planned in Battle Arena to maintain the balance. Since we want all attention to be paid in the effort to reach the maximum level at the beginning of the game and we want Likya adventure to be a long-lasting adventure, Battle Arena will also remain closed at the beginning of the game. Battle Arena will be activated again with an update that will be announced later.

    We reduced the number of thief spawned during the trade at a certain rate in Likya. Our players who want to trade on their own will be able to do so more easily in Likya. Moreover, in this way, we prevented the lags that occured in our old servers with thief spawns especially in special trade hours.

    With the experience we gained from our previous servers, the rates of nova items, talismans coins that are necessary for power, immortality and destruction items are optimally adjusted in Likya. Briefly, collecting immortality set items before nova set items is now old-fashioned.

    You will experience the excitement in JoySro with many award-giving automatic events that will enjoy you at any moment of the day. With auto events that will start automatically at certain time without any control and will continue in the competition format, you can also feel the excitement of the adventure and win prizes.

    Tombala Event
    How lucky are you? Now is the time to show your luck not only in alchemy, but also in Tombala Event! It is tombala time for the player who collects the lucky numbers with our event which has been inspired by tombala game that is a fun as it is a classic game!
    Lucky Global Event
    Have you ever thought that you can win awards from a global chat you send when you never expected? A lucky person who sends a global chat within the lucky global event period wins the award among global chatters!
    Odd or Even Event
    Do you trust your intuition? If you trust, this event is for you. Guess the number whether it is odd or even before it is automatically determined by the system and be the lucky winner of the prize!
    Blackjack Event
    There it is! Blackjack! It is dedicated to the challenger players in the game! Let your skills speak instead of you in Blackjack to win the prize.
    Deathmatch Arena Event
    Who will be the last warrior standing? Here is Deathmatch Event that will be the best answer for this question. It is a battle royale game that starts at a certain time and that is based on killing other players in an arena. Last player standing wins the event and the prize.

    Detailed guide topics about auto events and event hours will be shared with you soon.

    75 Level and 90 level vehicle and transport pets, which are especially important in trading, are activated. In addition, a transport pet which is special for Likya will be at your service.
    We give a great importance to in-game power balancing for our players. Ip Limit is set to 4 characters and PC Limit is set to 2 characters since we aim to have a more fun and crowded game environment and to prevent the players from having too much power and item difference between each other. Up to 4 characters can be logged on an IP, and up to 2 characters logged on a computer. Players trying to bypass this rule using a virtual server, proxy, or vpn-like application will automatically be banned.
    You will enjoy the security of your character against theft with JoySro Safe Mode, which is prepared by JoySro software developers and designed to provide complete character security. You can click here for detailed information about JoySro Safe Mode.
    You will automatically and regularly get notified by in-game notice system about top players of level race which is perhaps the most exciting part of the game. So, you will be able to see the difference between you and your rivals in a better way.
    We give a great importance to maintaining in-game power balances, so for a better and more exciting game environment, guild player limit is set to 32 and union limit is set to 3.
    Bad news for players trying to exceed IP Limit illegally! Proxy Guard, which cannot be seen in any other servers and which is developed by JoySro software developers, is active in Likya. By scanning automatically, all the players that are found to be guilty of using proxy will be banned from the system and a fairer game environment will be yours!
    Advanced elixirs, which are very important in Alchemy, are active on our server. Good Luck in Alchemy!
    In Likya adventure, union chat limit has been removed in order to strengthen the cooperation between the players of a union. So, all the players in a guild can chat in union chat.
    In Likya adventure, reliable people called "Middlemen" are appointed for your trades with other players. In exchange for Trust Stone in Item Mall, you can get an appointment from Middlemen, and securely buy / sell your item or character. We do not take the responsibility of theft issues that can occur if you do not use our Middlemen.

    Likya adventure begins on 29th February with all its story in details that are stated above.

    Likya adventure will be shaped completely with the synthesis of our players as it was in our other servers. Server features and all the other details may change depending on requests, suggestions and complaints from our players during Beta process. In addition, some issues that we have already been working on can be added to the topic with a new announcement after the announcement of the topic.

    Likya, as the JOYful version of a dynamic adventure, opens its doors to our precious players after the grand opening on 29th February.

    The Adventure Begins!

    We are currently working on Likya now in closed beta, but we need your thoughts and contributions as a community, so a Beta process is planned in Likya, just like our previous servers.

    According to this;

    Beta 19.02.2020 ~ 21.02.2020 Beta process will be between these dates and our server will be open for testing. After the beta process, all the accounts (IDs) and characters that are created during the process will be deleted in order for our server to be ready for the grand opening.

    Official opening date for Likya adventure;

    Grand Opening : 29.02.2020

    Konu Awakea tarafından (02.Şubat.2020 Saat 21:31 ) değiştirilmiştir.
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    JoyTeam Support [GA]Zeytin - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    Hold on tight, grand opening coming at full speed.

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    Language Assistant TheStrikeZ - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    Get ready for a new adventure! We expect to see you, our precious players, in our Beta process

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    #Revision 01

    In description of Alchemy Booster, the sentence "You can buy it from Item Mall" written has been deleted from introduction topic.

    You can get this item from quests and various events.
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    We wish success to our all players who will participate in Likya adventure. Be sure you will enjoy!

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    JoyTeam Support [GA]Zeytin - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    Additional update after beta process:

    Positive Discrimination to Chinese Race! China Damage Buffer

    With tests and trials we conducted during beta process of Likya, we felt that Chinese race should be supported a little more positively therefore we prepared a damage buffer skill specific to Chinese race.

    This skill added as a passive skill, %5 Physical and %5 Magic attack damage has been added to Chinese race. After that, Chinese race is much stronger!

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