Precious players of Likya adventure!

As you know, Beta process started in Likya on 19.02.2020 and we started to test our game with our precious players. By examining all the details of our game, we aimed to offer you a unproblematic and pleasant game experience before grand opening of Likya. Thank you to all our players who were with us in First Phase of Beta.

We want Likya adventure to be a unproblematic game. In this context, update notes made for some game bugs detected and fixed in First Phase of Beta are shared below.

  • DC Problem caused by an error during use of ''Reverse Return Scroll'' has been fixed.

  • "Berserker Potions" obtained from Magic POP have been removed from Magic Pop as it is aimed to be a fair gaming environment. Long live Play2Win!

  • Due to intense requests and suggestions from our players, the rate of obtaining "Gold Dragon Flag" from Magic Pop has been reduced.

  • Trader NPC in Constantinople has been removed. As intended, there will be a ''Trade Route'' from Downhang to Jangan.

  • Alchemy rates of ''Devil & Angel & Asura's'' have been reduced. A more realistic alchemy excitement will be with you!

  • For the Second phase of Beta, all characters were deleted and Second phase of Beta was passed in the Beta process.

As planned in Likya Beta process, this update will go to second stage and character configurations will be tested.

In the second stage, all characters will be reset. Your characters that you will recreate will be 110 Level automatically. In the second stage, many game configurations, especially character configurations, PvP tests and ''Unique Damage'' tests, will be tested.

When this stage is completed, Likya Beta process will end and our game will remain closed until ''Grand Opening''. After the beta, all characters will be deleted. You can enter the game at ''Grand Opening'' with the same ID and game files.

In order to update, our game will be closed and reopened at the update time specified below. When it is opened, you need to update the game before logging in.

Update Date : 21:30(+3GMT)
Estimated Opening Date : 22:00(+3GMT)

See you on the adventure!