Valuable JoySRO Players,

We planned a new update and maintenance work on our Likya server in line with demands and requests from our valuable players.

Let's examine the update details together;

  • Starter Package (Asura Spirit) issue has been fixed.
  • Job Penalty and Guild Penalty Scrolls' exchange issue have been fixed. They have been made suitable for trade.
  • Dark Warrior dress effect has been changed and it has been changed to original.
  • Some problems with mobs in Jangan Cave have been fixed.
  • Spawn rates of all mobs above level of 100 in Alexandria region have been increased.
  • Dress Suites in Item Mall(F10) have been renovated. You can obtain new dresses from Item Mall.

Update Date : 07.03.2020
Update Time : 15.30
Estimated Update Time: 2.5 Hours