While the adventure continues at full speed in Likya, some improvement updates were needed. In this context, the following improvements have been carried out;

The problem of Item Mall which causes disconnection has been fixed.
Drug of Typhoon (%100) of Item Mall is now tradable.
Some items of Item Mall have been changed and some items are removed. The following items are removed;

Arabian Dress
HP&MP Recovery Potion (Small)
HP&MP Recovery Potion (Medium)
HP&MP Recovery Potion (Large)
Stall Decoration

Some quests and rewards of JoySro Quest Manager are replaced with new ones which are designed in order for you to have a fun game. New rewards of new quests;

Reverse Return Scroll
Sabakun's Jewel
Immortal Stone
Global Chatting

These quests will be replaced with new ones regularly. You can have a look at the details of the new quests by talking to JoySro Quest Manager.

The Date of Inspection : 12.03.2020 - Thursday
Inspection Hour : 16.00 (GMT+3)
Estimated Inspection Time : 2 Hours

The update will take place within the hours stated above, depending on the maintenance needs, it can be opened earlier or later. You need to update your clients before logging in with your bots