Dear Players of Likya !

As it is announced before and as you know, we were working on compensating the loss of experience points in Likya due to sudden connection interruptions and server downtime. JoySro Exp Boost has been integrated in order to compensate those issues.

We wanted to explain how to activate JoySro Exp Boost with pictures.
You can activate JoySro Exp Boost by following the steps below.

1st Step : Firstly, Enter and login to your account.
[People who get Unauthorized Access Error can delete their cookies (Also Browser History) and try again.]

2nd Step : After you successfully login to your account, click on Extra Exp Support (New)! on the panel.

3rd Step : Select your character on which you want to activate Exp Boost and click on continue.
(You must disconnect from the game before you activate Exp Boost.)

4th Step : Congratulations, you got an Exp Booster.
(Exp Booster can be activated only 10 times. Each Exp Booster lasts an hour.)

Warning :
  • EXP BOOSTER you got from our website will be placed in your character's inventory. You can activate it in your inventory.
  • Your character's inventory should not be full. If it is full, you will get an error (Your inventory is full, you need to have at least 1 empty slot) .