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Konu: Likya - Update v6

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    Likya - Update v6

    Valuable players of Likya, we are here with a new update.

    We present you a more stable and exciting game experience with update and maintenance works that we carry out periodically in Likya.

    We support game story of Likya with update works and add new excitements to game. In this way Likya story never loses its excitement on the first day and by appealing to more players it offers a wider audience a gaming experience.

    We evaluate the ideas, suggestions and complaints from our valuable players in every update work, and manage the game with "Playerbased management perception".

    If you are wonder about changes to be made in story with v6 update in Likya adventure, let's check together;

    1-) New quests, new excitements!

    We give importance to quest / reward system which is very important in character configurations in basic building stone of game in Likya. Therefore we are adding a new quest group to Likya. Here it is astrology of Silkroad!

    This quest group is specified in the table below.

    No Quest Names Görev Mobları Hunt Amount Quest Award
    1 Yaşamın Merkezi; Dünya! # The Center of Life; Earth! Akeru / Aknish Lama 500 + 500 30k Skill Point
    2 Kaybolan Tarih; Plüton! # Lost History; Pluto! Sand Sting / Sandworm 500 + 500 30k Skill Point
    3 Denizlerin Tanrısı; Neptün! # God of the Seas; Neptune! Sylakenth / Evil Bug 500 + 500 30k Skill Point
    4 Gizemin Merkezi; Uranüs! # Mystery Center; Uranus! Sylaken / Sylakenth 500 + 500 30k Skill Point
    5 Kralın Babası; Satürn! # King's Father; Saturn! Sand Bug / Aknish 500 + 500 30k Skill Point
    6 Tanrıların Kralı; Jupiter! # King of the Gods; Jupiter! Ure'uth / Blood Sandman 500 + 500 30k Skill Point
    7 Savaş Tanrıçası; Mars! # War Goddess; Anthem! Dark Khepri / Camel Spider 500 + 500 30k Skill Point
    8 Aşk Tanrıçası; Venüs! # The goddess of love; Venus! Dark Sandman / Aker 500 + 500 30k Skill Point
    9 Haberci Tanrısı; Merkür! # God of Messengers; Mercury! Mehen / Blood Hyeana 500 + 500 30k Skill Point
    10 Sistemin Kalbi; Güneş! # The Heart of the System; Sun! Desert Bug / Blood Sandman 500 + 500 30k Skill Point

    With this update, quests in the table above will be included in game and JoySro Quests that are already in the game will be removed from game.

    Survival Arena and Deathmatch Arena are included in Likya adventure with this update!

    2-) It is time for Survival Arena!

    You will experience the excitement with this event, which is completely unique to JoySro. Once the event has started, you have one goal, to survive.
    Valuable rewards await you in this event, where the last survivor player will win the event. Our players of 100 Level and above will be able to participate. In addition, "Survival Rank" window specially prepared by JoySro has been integrated into Likya. You can instantly follow which player killed how many players from this window instantly.


    1. 100 Silk
    2. 50 Silk
    3. 30 Silk

    Survival Time (GMT+3)

    3-) There are so many reasons to survive! Deathmatch Arena Event Begins!

    Who will be the last warrior standing? Here is Deathmatch Event that will be the best answer for this question. It is a battle royale game that starts at a certain time and that is based on killing other players in an arena. Last player standing wins the event and the prize. In addition, "Deatmatch Rank" window specially prepared by JoySro has been integrated into Likya. You can instantly follow which player killed how many players from this window instantly.


    100 Silk

    Deathmatch Time (GMT+3)

    4-) Time to renew your wardrobes! Innovation in dress list

    One of routine arrangements of our update work is to update dress list. In this update we updated dress list in line with our players' suggestions.

    5-) Other update details

    - Mob spawn rate which we received intense complaints in job cave has been increased.

    - Server capacity has been increased to 6.500.

    - Systematic infrastructure works and backup works have been carried out.

    The above update details will be integrated into Likya adventure at the time specified below.

    When the maintenance is completed, our server will open and you will need to update the game by logging without bot.

    Update Date : 26.03.2020 ( Thursday )
    Update time :
    Estimated update time :
    3 (GMT+3) Estimated update time is an estimate.
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