Valuable players of JoySro - Likya;

We present you a more stable and exciting game experience with update and maintenance works that we carry out periodically in Likya.

We support game story of Likya with update works and add new excitements to game. In this way Likya story never loses its excitement on the first day and by appealing to more players it offers a wider audience a gaming experience.

We are here with a new update that we called v7 in Likya adventure, which includes following update details below.

Time to war! Battle Arena opens!

Battle Arena is a team battle system consisting of various modes that players can easily participate in. It is a small and medium-sized PvP system that allows 8 to 8 and 32 to 32 battles.
Players are given skill experience points and arena coins as a reward;

Battle Arena;
- Random Arena
- Party Arena
- Guild Arena
- Job Arena
You can login in various categories such as.

Battle Arena, which is included in our introducing thread, opens with this update!

This event, where only 105 level and above players can participate, is waiting for you!

You can login to the Battle Arena at the times specified below.

Time (GMT+3) Battle Arena Mode
00:30 Battle Arena - Random
10:00 Battle Arena - Random
14:30 Battle Arena - Random
17:00 Battle Arena - Random
18:00 Battle Arena - Party
20:00 Battle Arena - Job
21:30 Battle Arena - Party
23:30 Battle Arena - Random

- 10 DG Lucky Stone Drop added.

Due to intense requests from our players 10 DG Lucky Stone drop has beed added to mobs.

- Increase in Trade Income

The amount of profit from trade has been increased.

- Yeni Teleport Noktası - Alexandria / Donwhang

Teleport was added from Donwhang to Alexandria mutually to prevent unnecessary waste of time in the game.

- Social Distance Matters!

A new clon map has been added to Salt Desert and Echo Valley areas to avoid KS issue.

- Other Changes

Effect problems have been fixed in some dres especially mummy dress.
2M Teleport fee has been added to teleports from Donwhang to Job Cave.
Infrastructure works and backup operations will be carried out.
Problem about party mobs in Echo Valley's and Solt Post's Only CH Party slots have been fixed.

- Announcements

Forgotten World adventure opens its doors on 09/04/2020!

New adventure begins with Coin system at Job Cave. This adventure will be with you on 09/04/2020!

The above update details will be integrated into Likya adventure at the time specified below.

When the maintenance is completed, our server will open and you will need to update the game by logging without bot.

Update Date : 02/04/2020 (Perşembe)
Update time : 15:00

Estimated update time : 4 Saat
Estimated update time is an estimate.