Valuable players of JoySro - Likya;

We present you a more stable and exciting game experience with update and maintenance works that we carry out periodically in Likya.

We support game story of Likya with update works and add new excitements to game. In this way Likya story never loses its excitement on the first day and by appealing to more players it offers a wider audience a gaming experience.

We are here with a new update that we called v9 in Likya adventure, which includes following update details below.

We are happy to present Devil's Garden, prepared by JoySro!

What is Devil's Garden?

With a game story in Devil's Garden, you can upgrade your Egypt A Grade (lowest +7) weapons to Egypt B Grade with quests you will perform here.

This quest system can be considered as an item upgrade system based on a kind of FGW system.

All details about Devil's Garden are available in our forum guide.

Devil's Garden system will be integrated into Likya with this update, but the system will be launched later. So you will be able to enter Devil's Garden only after the announcement from GMs to be made in the future.

The Beginning of Forgotten World!

Mysterious cards from the Forgotten World to Likya adventure!

In Likya adventure Forgotten World, which is perhaps the most challenging and demanding event, will be waiting for you.
Dimension Pillars, which creates a very bad image, was removed and dimension holes were added to JoySro Special Shop.
Collection Book Names for 11DG : Broken Key, Large Tong, Phantom Harp, Evil's Heart, Vindictive Spirit's Bead, Hook Hand, Commander's Patch, Sereness's Tears

Forgotten World adventure opens its doors to this adventure with this update!

Update in Dress List !

Dress Suites are updated and changed periodically. We are changing Dress Suits, which we offer for sale in line with the requests of our valuable players, with this update.

Update on Battle Arena System !

Some adjustments were made during the battle periods based on the participation intensity and the competitive factor in Battle Arena. The arrangements made are shown below;

Battle Arena Random mode increased to 10 Minutes,
Battle Arena Party mode decreased to 15 Minutes,

The above update details will be integrated into Likya adventure at the time specified below.

When the maintenance is completed, our server will open and you will need to update the game by logging without bot.

Update Date : 16.04.2020 (Thursday)
Update time : 12:00 - 14:30
Estimated update time : 2,5 Hours
(Estimated update time is an estimate.)