Valuable players of JoySro - Likya;

We present you a more stable and exciting game experience with update and maintenance works that we carry out periodically in Likya.

We are here with a new update that we called v10 in Likya adventure, which includes following update details below.

1) Increase in gold incomes!

Since adding new income sources based on commercial balances on our Lycian server will not be a problem, it is aimed to increase the gold balance on the Lycian server with a two-item update.

a) Trader NPC in Hotan city and Special Npc in Taklamakan area have been activated.

b) In-game gold rate has been increased at certain rate. From now on you will be able to earn more gold from mobs!

2) Update in Dress List !

One of routine arrangements of our update work is to update dress list. In this update we updated dress list in line with our players' suggestions.

3) Infrastructure and maintenance works

Weekly maintenance and backup of the server will be carried out. Necessary security measures will be integrated into Likya in order not to repeat attacks in last Fortress War.

The above update details will be integrated into Likya adventure at the time specified below.

When the maintenance is completed, our server will open and you will need to update the game by logging without bot.

Update Date : 30.04.2020 (Thursday)
Update Time : 23:59(+3GMT)
Estimated update time : 4 Hours (Estimated update time is an estimate.)