Greetings Likya family,

We are with you with a new update!
This update work is an infrastructure package for the upcoming updates.

It is finally time to say "stop" to the rising market prices!

- 11D Astral Stone is now on sale in JoySro Special Shop. The price is set as 40M.
- With %1 Alchemy Booster and %1 Lucky Booster you have much more chance! It is in JoySRO Special Shop with 50M price.
- Devil's Garden will be active very soon. Did not you still get your Power weapons? FGW Penalty Delete Scroll is now at JoySRO Special Shop. The price set as 50M!

Now stalls are together!

In order to avoid clutter of Stall, we have now decided to collect all stalls in the same city. Stall can no longer be available to create in Alexandria. You can come to Downhang to open Stall.

We now have a new login screen!

Devil's Garden will be active soon with a big update. How about a nice preview of it?

New titles have been added to Likya!

Unique Hunter, Likya Kralı and many more surprise titles have been added to Likya. Coming soon with various events!

GM we don't want to run anymore!

You can now teleport directly to the Salt Post and Kings Valley areas in the Alexandria area from Donwhang city.

Update Date :
22.05.2020 (Friday)
Update Time : 14:00(+3GMT)
Estimated update time : 2 Hours (Estimated update time is an estimate.)