Dear players of JoySro Likya family!

We are happy to announce Update v13, which is a preparatory update before summer season.

If you wish, let's move on to the update details;

Now it is Devil's Garden Time - Preview!

Devil's Garden area, which will attract great attention in Likya adventure, will be activated with this update. Our detailed guide topic for our players who do not know what Devil's Garden is. B Grade Fight Items # Devil's Garden You can click to get guide thread.

Despite the fact that region has been opened, card drobs designed specifically for Devil's Garden will be closed until another announcement due to lack of Power weapons in our server. Some rewards have been added to Uniques inside, until the card drops are opened. The details are as follows;

Probability of Silver Coin drop from Uniques is %50. Numbers indicated in the picture are maximum drop numbers.

Devil's Garden is not such an easy adventure. Unfortunately there is no place for lonely actors in this magical world. Devil's Garden entrance tickets are set as 400M because minimum 6 players must be logged in and this ticket must be bought jointly. At the same time this price has been determined because in-game market values of boxes to drop are much higher than the ticket price.

Gate of Devil's Garden at JoySro Special Shop

Dimension Holes that open doors of Devil's Garden have been added to JoySro Special Shop for 400M gold. You can start preparing your parties now as it is a region that cannot be visited with a single character due to the difficult uniques and time limitation inside! Your adventure in the absolute item lineup will not be easy at all!

Devil's Garden Timer Reset Scroll at JoySro Special Shop

Devil's Garden Timer Reset Scroll has been added to JoySro Special Shop for 50M. With this scroll, you can delete Devil's Garden time. You can also use this scroll after 2 hours after your Devil's Garden entrance.

Update in Dress List

One of routine arrangements of our update work is to update dress list. In this update we updated dress list in line with our players' suggestions.

The above update details will be integrated into Likya adventure at the time specified below.

When the maintenance is completed, our server will open and you will need to update the game by logging without bot.

Update Date :
28.05.2020 (Thursday)
Update Time : 15:00(+3GMT)
Estimated update time : 2,5 Hours (Estimated update time is an estimate.)