Hello valuable players of Likya,

We present you a more stable and exciting game experience with update and maintenance works that we carry out periodically in Likya.

We are here with a new update that we called v16 in Likya adventure, which includes following update details below.

Good news to Likya's unique hunters!

Special four uniques have been added to adventure! Dark Warrior, Light Warrior, Karkadann ve Khulood those four uniques will be spawned in different times in Likya adventure!

At the same time precious prizes are waiting for you from those special uniques.

From those special uniques you can obtain 1 Piece Super Box and 2 Pieces ofDiamond Box!

Rewarded quests from Devil's Garden!

Two different and precious quests have been added to JoySro New Quest Manager and this NPC placed at Downhang Storage area. You can take those quests two times in a day.

- Devils Garden Daily Quest

This is what you need to do in this quest, where only 110 Level players can participate: Hunt 75 times Vampire Enchantress at Devil's Garden. Reward is 2 Pieces of Diamond Boxes.

- Devils Garden Daily Quest 2

This is what you need to do in this quest, where only 110 Level players can participate: Hunt one time each of Merikh, Kidemonas, ve Harrison at Devil's Garden. Reward is 2 Pieces of Super Boxes.

IP / PC Limit Update

We increase the IP and PC Limit in Likya as below.

PC Limit : Increased from 2 to 3.
IP Limit : Increased from 4 to 6

Good new for Chinese characters! Passive skill upgrade!

With this update we chinese passive skill increased from %10 to %15.

Now Jupiter Temple is more precious!

Destruction (Seal Of Nova) items drop have been added to Jupiter Temple. Good luck

Required element quantities to get key have been reduced to 1.

Update in Dress List!

One of routine arrangements of our update work is to update dress list. In this update we updated dress list in line with our players' suggestions.

Other changes

- In order to prevent possible scam plots and raise awareness of it, an icon has been added to our official middlemans' characters .

- Alchemy King title has been added into Likya to be awarded to players who won in alchemy events.

- Battle Arena event hours have been increased therefore more players will benefit from Battle Arena.

In order to make our server more stable during v16 Update, many infrastructure, backup and maintenance works will be carried out in Likya.

The above update details will be integrated into Likya adventure at the time specified below.

When the maintenance is completed, our server will open and you will need to update the game by logging without bot.

Update Date : 09.07.2020 Thursday
Update Time : 15.00(+3GMT)
Estimated update time : 2.5 Hours (Estimated update time is an estimate.)