Hello Precious Players of Likya!

The topic you are going to create should be like the example below. You should open your own topic by taking the example below as your guide. Otherwise, your topics may be deleted.

⛔ Rules for Topic Names (As it is in the example below)
The name of the topic should be "Guild Name | The year it was created".

LikyaGuild - 2018
JoySRO - 2005

⛔ Rules for Topic Content Order (As it is in the example below)
Your topic should include "Rules | Contact Info | Pictures/Videos".

The example;
⛔ Guild Rules
➡️ +18 Only.
➡️ Swearing is forbidden.
➡️ Using Skype / Discord / TeamSpeak is a must.

👥 Contact Info 👥

📹 Pictures/Videos 📼
Pictures and videos that belong to your guild (If there is any)

JoySRO Administration