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Konu: Mitra - Update Announcement [v1.02]

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    Mitra - Update Announcement [v1.02]

    Hello to all of you from the Mitra family!

    As you know, our Mitra server opened its doors on the evening of November 24 with a big opening for you adventure lovers and fierce fighting began. From the first minute of opening, the excitement reached its peak. With a lot of successful players, it is quite enjoyable to raise the ball safely.

    Some arrangements required by our players with the start and some arrangements were required and maintenance work was planned on our server.

    Changes to be made within the scope of maintenance work are as follows;

    • Mob Spawn Rate

    The spawn problem of the mobs in some areas was eliminated and spawn rats of the mobs were increased. With the balancing work carried out at certain locations, there will be more mob spawn than before. Of course not in every region

    • Kervan Income Balancing

    We are planning to have a long-running adventure with Mitra, just like our other server Caspian, we want to live together with you for a long time. Therefore, we want to maintain the balance of income which is the basic structure of a server. The fast and central means of income means that the in-game gold is depreciating every night and therefore the value of your labor is constantly being devalued. In order to preserve your commercial status in a longer-term gaming environment, caravan revenues have been modified.

    Special caravan hours are reduced from 90 minutes to 30 minutes.
    We are aware that there are a lot of caravan characters in the forest that are hidden in the forest. We have a small but bad surprise in order to maintain the server balance, and the caravan pads sold with Silk can now be used from 90 levels.
    At the same time, in addition to the level limit of caravan pads sold with Silk, the caravan pads sold in NPC were also modified. The level-based slot system is now integrated into the game. So this is; When someone pulls the caravan at the level of their own level, it means that we will not create a caravan character in one of them and allow them to earn an uneven and unbalanced income at a level more than 20 caravans. In this context;
    20 Level pet: 1 Slot
    30 Level pet: 2 Slots
    45 Level pet: 3 Slots
    60 Level pet: 5 Slots
    75 Level pet: 7 Slots
    90 Level pet: 10 Slots
    Silk Petlar: 10 Slots,

    Load capacity. This means that the higher your level, the more your income balance will rise.

    • Magic PoP Arrangement

    Some of the mistakes while buying items from Magic PoP, which is one of the most admired game dynamics, has been fixed.
    At the same time, with a fair game mission and the need to perceive the management of Magic PoP drop Ressuraction Scroll with the drop of Damage scrollar removed. We will never allow Pay2Win in the battle of the castle.

    • Stack Update

    We want our players to have a pleasant and practical gaming experience. Therefore, a change was made to the stack setting to prevent some unnecessary edits. 8dg, 9dg and 10dg Tablets and Stones, just as in 11dg stacks will be 500'erli from now.

    • Capacity Increase

    We would like to thank to our valuable players, who are full of fame since the first minute of opening Mitra. Due to the capacity of the players to enter the game in order to eliminate the grievance of the players of 4500 to increase the capacity of our players to 6000. You will be able to enter the game in a more comfortable way without such traffic problems. In particular, our players who are new to the game and want us to get Premium without getting to know us are outside of our mission and vision. JoySro is the platform of labor and laborer

    All these updates have been prepared in order to create a more enjoyable and long-lasting game environment and are completely updated by taking into consideration the interests of our players.

    The update work for a pleasant game is planned on the following dates;

    Update Time: 28.11.2018 Time:

    Update Time: 16.30 GM+3

    Please update the game and update it as soon as the game is opened.

    See you at Mitra in the delightful adventure!
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