Hi Dear JoySro Players;

As you know, JoySro Mitra server opened its doors on 24.11.2018 and announced it on the international platform. While the adventure continues without any slowing down, some restoration work is planned.

In this context, the following works have been done.

  • Mitra's first gathering event Winter Event fixed the problem of not collecting bots. Now all bots are automatically collecting letters.
  • Winter Event revised the problem of not distributing letters to the party. From now on, the whole party will fall equally, and the buff team, which forms the building block of the parties, will be able to provide the rewards they deserve.
  • Winter letters, which do not fall from some creatures, are added to all the creatures that you cut according to your level above 40 levels.
    The 95 Level limit has been added in the original Storm Valley (2) (Salt Post area) and Kings Valley (2) maps.
  • Security and improvement work will be done on all servers for a more stable gaming experience.
  • Weekly planned maintenance work will be implemented within the scope of this update.

For maintenance work, our server will be serviced on Friday 28/12/2018 at 16:00 and the server will remain off during the maintenance period. Maintenance is completed, the server to open the game to be able to enter the game without the need to login from the normal client. The average maintenance period is 90 minutes and will be repeated if completed before or after the specified time.