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Konu: Vesta - Update v3

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    Vesta - Update v3

    Brave warriors of Vesta adventure, we are here with a new update!
    We are proud to share with you the new update announcement in order to increase the competition while Vesta's adventure continues.

    Let's take a look at the details of our update that will be made during adventure of Vesta, where 7,000 online players are struggling with pleasure;

    This epic has taken place in 3 new unique adventures! These 3 special uniques are 100 Level, Khulood, Karkadann and Dark Warrior and they are very precious with 100 Level Chest, Legs, Necklace and Moon Box drop! These 3 special unique will appear at the spawn points mentioned below, they are coming to challenge Vesta!
    These special uniques will appear at the spawn points indicated on the maps below.

    Activating team battle Battle Arena where players can easily join and enjoy and can earn 10 DG Moon accessorys. In Battle Arena, the defeated team is given 0 coins, and the winning team is given 5 coins in order to maintain in-game balance and to prevent abuse. We want the adventure to progress in a long-term and balanced way. For this reason nly 100 Level characters can enter the Battle Arena.

    Battle arena times of Vesta Adventure are planned as above.

    # Other Details

    # Moon Box is turned off to prevent server life and is activated with this update! Moon Boxes are available from Job Cave uniques, Khulood, Karkadann and Dark Warrior. You can exchange Moon Boxes from JoySro Exchanger in Donwhang and Jangan and you might get Moon items based on luck.

    # Prepare your weapons Survival Arena event is included in the Vesta adventure! The adventure begins in JoySro's newest battle arena! In the life-and-battle of Collesium Arena, the player who kills the most opponents will be the winner and the winner!

    #Who will be the last warrior? Here is the death battle where we can find the best answer to this question. Deathmatch Arena Event is integrated into the game! The battle of life-and-battle of players that appear in a certain area and whose entire game fiction is based on killing each other. The last surviving player will be winner.

    #We update dress list in the Item Mall which we have become a tradition in almost every update and we update dress list in this update. New dresses are waiting for you in Item Mall.

    #The problem is corrected after 100 Level in some Pets, now you can use the pet easily and unproblematic.

    # Infrastructure and Maintenance Work

    # As always, we would like to inform you that our work continues every second for a better infrastructure and a problem-free game;
    With this maintenance work, server maintenance work will be carried out in order to prevent line interruptions and server shutdowns and provide you with a more trouble-free game experience.

    When the update is completed, do not forget to update the game by logging into the game without a bot.

    See you at Vesta!

    Update Schedule

    Update Date : 28.08.2019
    Update Hour : 22.30 - 00.30 (+3GMT)
    Update Estimated Time : 3 Hours
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    Çinli Çinli
    Very accurate and timely update.
    Thank you so much for everything JoySro <3

    Şu anda bir Silkroad delisinin imzasına bakıyorsun farkında mısın?


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