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Konu: Vesta - Winter Season Update v5

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    JoySro GM Ekibi [GM] Phoibos - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    Vesta - Winter Season Update v5

    Brave warriors of Vesta!

    I would introduce our Winter Season Update.

    Let's check update details;

    # Fortress War Optimization

    Jangan and Bandit fortress have been closed and it is now possible to war only at Hotan fortress. In the same time we improved the winning prize!

    Prize: 7,5B Gold and +%10 more gold who protected succesfully the fortress.

    # [Roc] has been appeared.

    Roc joining the adventure! Roc adventure begins with big awards!
    We reduced defence and healt values of Roc and before Roc uniques elite spawn rates has been closed, no more elites.

    Roc might drop below items;

    • 1 Piece of 10 DG Sun Item
    • 3 Pieces of Platinum Box
    • 3 Pieces of Gold Box
    • 2 Pieces of Silver Box

    Roc will spawn every Wednesday and Saturday at 21.30(+3GMT).

    # Medusa Adventure Renewed!

    We changed Medusa to make it more valuable.
    Medusa's healt and defence rate have been reduced to shorten the medusa event time. In the same direction we added teleport point to Medusa, you can reach it at Downhang.

    Drop items of Medusa has been revised to below.

    • 2 Pieces of Platinum Box
    • 3 Pieces of Gold Box
    • 3 Pieces of Silver Box
    • 1 Piece of Moon Box
    • 1 Piece of Fanous

    Time to Medusa!

    # Light Warrior is Coming!

    Behold legendary creature Light Warrior!

    Light Warrior coming with very precious awards to challange you!

    Light Warrior's spawn points shown above. Light Warrior might drop Gold Box or Moon Box .

    # Crystal Elixirs are coming!

    Crystal Elixir coming to Vesta! Crystal Elixir Weapon, Armor, Acc. ve Shield added to Vesta with this update.

    What is this Crystal Elixir? we are hear you asking that. Crystal Elixir has a more success rate than normal Elixir. You can use Crytal Elixirs as a normal elixirs, they usage same only difference is success rate.

    You can obtain Crystal Elixir from Boxes.

    # Magic Lucky Powder Added!

    With this update Vesta's alchemy will change! Magic Lucky Powder which is more success rate than Normal Lucky Powder added to the game with this update.

    # Alchemy Booster Coming!

    Alchemy Booster has been added to Vesta adventure!

    When used it, Alchemy Booster will improve your success rate of alchemy %1, %3 or %5 for half an hour. Alchemy Booster can be usable for once per day. You can purchase Alchemy Boosters on Item Mall(F10).

    # Special Boxes are Coming!

    We would improve awards of your works, pains, wars and results of those. Within this scope we added Bronz, Silver, Gold and Platinum Box to Vesta adventure.

    The importance level of the Boxes is as follows;

    Bronz Box It often contains items that can drop. Can drop frequently.
    Silver Box Includes rare items also. Might drop rarely.
    Gold Box It contains very valuable and rare items. Might drop rarely.
    Platinum Box It contains items that are extremely difficult to reach. With low rate it might drop sun item.

    The items in these valuable boxes are as follows;

    Bronz Box Sabakun's Jewel, HP & MP +1000 Potion, Alchemy Booster %1, Crystal Elixir, Berserker Reg. Potion
    Silver Box Immortal, Sabakun's Jewel, HP & MP +1000 Potion, Alchemy Booster %1, Crystal Elixir, Berserker Reg. Potion, Magic Lucky Powder
    Gold Box Sun Item (Pro, Acc) Fanous, Glow Changer, Immortal, Crystal Elixir, Alchemy Booster %3,HP & MP +2800 Potion, Magic Lucky Powder
    Platinum Box Sun Item (Wep, Shield), Premium Gold Time, Alchemy Booster %5, Crystal Elixir, Glow Changer, Magic Lucky Powder

    Boxes will drop from those uniques which are shown below;

    Bronz Box Tiger Girl, Uruchi, Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan, Demon Shaitan, Sereness (1-2 Star)
    Silver Box Karkadann, Khulood, Holy Temple, Job Cave, Medusa, Roc, Survival Arena, Sereness (1-2 Star)
    Gold Box Dark Warrior, Light Warrior, Holy Temple, Job Cave, Medusa, Roc, Survival Arena, Sereness (3-4 Star)
    Platinum Box Roc, Medusa, Auto Events, Survival Arena, Death Match, Sereness (3,4 Star)

    # Time to Gold Dragon Flag!

    We improved Gold Dragon Flag which is obtainable at Downhang storage area's NPC Joysro Special Shop from STR1, INT1 to STR6, INT6.

    # Snow Shield Skill Changes!

    Snow Shield can be usable for INT characters therefore we changed ''Minimum INT Requirements''.

    Minimum INT Requirement list of Snow Shield has been shown below;

    Snow Shield Level Minimum INT Requirement
    Level 1 300
    Level 2 320
    Level 3 340
    Level 4 360
    Level 5 380

    # New Event V E S T A

    VESTA Collection event will be with you during the winter season with an exciting and rewarding game experience with you!

    95 Level and above mobs might drop those letters.

    Obtainable items from V E S T A Event have been shown below;

    • Trigger Scroll
    • Dodging Scroll
    • Hit Scroll
    • Magic POP
    • Vigor Recovery Grain
    • Reverse
    • Global
    • Gender
    • Rudolph
    • Unicorn

    # Behold Asura's Spirit!

    Asura's Spirit has been added which has with the same functionality as Devil or Angel but with a different appearance. Asura's has only difference is increasing HP and Mp values +%18. Who wants Asura's Spirit?

    # Holy Water Temple is Opening!

    Different thrill is coming to Vesta adventure. Behold legendary Holy Water Temple! You can teleport to Holy Water Temple at Donwhang center. You can get a lot of awards, quest and box from Holy Water Temple! You can enter Holy Water Temple twice per day.

    # New quests added!

    We added 6 new quests at Donwhang area NPC which is JoySro Event Manager NPC

    • Görev 1 = Lungshan'dan Av Çağrısı
    • Görev 2 = Jiming'in Kutsama Listesi
    • Görev 3 = Hanshan Mektubu
    • Görev 4 = Şaolin Savaş Daveti
    • Görev 5 = Nanhua Kader Köprüsü
    • Görev 6 = Palpung'da İnziva Vakti

    # Dress Listesi Güncellendi

    Item Mall(F10) Dresses have been changed, you can choose new one to make your special combine.

    # Other Changes

    -Vigor Recovery Potion added to NPC.

    - Bug fixed! Now you can use hit, trigger etc. scrolls with Wanted Buff.

    - Between Hotan - Jangan teleport option added.

    - Moon Shield has been added to Moon Box. In addition rates of box increased.

    # Update Calendar

    After this update you have to update your client, login the game after this update without bot.

    Update Date: 27.11.2019
    Update Hour:: 14:00
    Update Period: 4 Hours
    (Maintenance will be opened sooner if completed earlier than planned.)

    See you on Vesta adventure!

    Thanks to @Zeytinyagli for translation.

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    Language Assistant Zeytinyagli - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    Good luck with those extraordinary alchemy changes!
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