Greetings Vesta crew!

JoySro's newest server; The Grand Opening and Beta dates have been announced for the Vesta epic, 100 Cap Vesta has been designed with the Chinese race only and the final preparations in Vesta continue carefully.

Our work is now closed beta, but we need your thoughts and your contributions as a community, so Vesta, just like in our previous servers, a Beta process was planned.

We would like to test Vesta with all of our detailed players and we would like to turn our server into an adventure without problems and without problems. In this context, a Beta process, which will start 1 week before the grand opening, has been planned.

Vesta is now touching the stitches with its programmers and executives who have successfully announced their names in their fields with their expert and experienced works.

All the preparations in this pleasant journey full of adventure continue with the utmost care. Every detail is thought and reviewed in order to enjoy a smooth play.

The Adventure Begins!

Beta details, stages and grand opening hours will be announced officially in the following days.

Beta Date: July 14 - July 17

Grand Opening: Saturday, July 20

Last call for our players to start our Vesta server. Vesta is going on an adventure!
See you in the next news!